Friday, 30 March 2012


APRIL 2012

LIBBE MATZ GANG E.P - cat no. AA83
200 copies / 11.4mns / 33.3rpm 7"

Please be advised that Libertatia Overseas is currently blacklisted in several states and it is imperative we avoid the scrutiny of the customs officer's eye. Paypal's decision to freeze the assets of the personnel associated with WikiLeaks has similarly made us wary of establishing a presence on this dubious e-trading platform. We are therefore unable to immediately offer the record for international mail order, although we trust this situation will be resolved in the very near future.

Our sales representatives are currently working to place physical copies in the hands of trusted music outlets in London, Bristol and New Orleans. We will return shortly with an update once the first batch of the run has been safely transported from HQ to one of the 'recognised' sovereign states.

For correspondence:

For an overview of our Q1 2012 results and projections for rest of year, please send £125 (GBP stirling, cash only) to: Libertatia Overseas, SEALAND1001 c/o Sealand Post Bag, IP11 9SZ, UK.

We regret to announce that the forthcoming L.M.G / Xylitol split 7" has been postponed due to interference from U.S customs. More soon.

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