Tuesday, 12 November 2013


L.M.G ...."Infantilised Britain" EP

8-trk / 33.3 7" / 11mins+ / ltd.150

A: Infantilised Britain / TDA / Transmission / Punterhunt 2 / Kings X Belongs To Us

B: Casualty To Custody / Meow Meow / Memorising Torsos

Recorded in London, mastered/pressed in Hamburg.

Release date: Nov/Dec 2013

HACKER FARM / L.M.G....Nigerian Witchcraft split DVD

First 100 released via Coconut Records. Includes WITCHES feature film, LMG VS HACKER FARM at Demonic Experiment Station, extras, etc.

Release date: Nov/Dec 2013 EARLY 2014


  1. umm where can I buy the DVD, tried searching for Coconut Records but I think it's a different one, no Mention of "HACKER FARM / L.M.G....Nigerian Witchcraft split DVD" at all!

    In fact the only thing that comes up for the DVD title is this page!?!?

  2. Hi, the best bet for the DVD will be via Hacker Farm HQ - I believe that Norman Records might take 10 or 20, as the HF brand is quite popular at the moment. We'll also be approaching some London outlets, though, as GRMMSK and LMG apparently aren't 'big name' enough for them to touch, we've ignored most of these to date,...Coconut Records are based in Nigeria, don't think they have a web presence...unfortunately this is as much info as we have at the moment, there will be DVD-box copies too at some stage (if the first batch sell out) with a completely different cover w/postcards and maybe a booklet, plus v. limited Betamax copies and a one-off 'child's coffin' edition but that's $1,000 so best go with one of the first batch...HF, if you are reading, got any updates?...all the best, for LOT, Jarmara.

  3. Thanks will hassle them! ;-)