Wednesday, 23 July 2014



Cat no. OX40. Limited edition CD-R with cover. Playing time: 23+mins


Issued through our Libertatia Overseas Japan micro-subsidiary, this CD-R is technically neither a Libbe Matz Gang nor Degenerate Waves release, but comprises an aural document of highly charged DIY kaos hoodoo workings conducted by members of both pop groups in and around London Underground stations.

After necking libations of MDMA and vodka, this temporary, mobile coven performed six workings at various locations, deep within the labyrinthine bowels of the capital, complemented by the raw metallic KO of the LT grid. Six sonic rituals for protection in the aeon of endless austerity / six slow-burning, memetic mortar bombs fired at the heart of the British occult establishment.

Please note that the contents of this album are of a magically charged nature and should not be compared to conventional noise/experimental releases, nor either group's 'typical' output. Subsequently, due to the unpredictable effects of DIY kaos hoodoo on the unwary, and the fact that these recordings may provoke severe temporal dissociation in some listeners, this release will NOT be available for general consumption.

Interested parties should download the application form below and send it, completed, to; applicants deemed suitable will be contacted privately and given a Paypal link for album purchase. Please note that these precautions only apply to this particular L.O.T release.

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